We uncover quality leads and relationships in your organization by providing clean and organized data from all business cards.

Contactous Provides Clean, Accurate and Quality Contact Data

  • Leads Visibility and Quality Mailing List
  • Relationship Intelligence across Organization
  • Powerful Enterprise Contact Manager

Get the Competitive Edge in ONE Step

One Simple Step – Take photo of your business cards. That’s all it takes!

When this step is taken by your team, office, branches and regional offices, your organization gets 100% accurate and valuable contact data of all the handshakes done within the company. Like an internal LinkedIn for the organization, you get clear visibility of relationships and a high quality mailing list.

In back end, we manually transcribe all the cards with high accuracy and make it available  to you in a secure and powerful interface, customized for your organization.

A business card was exchanged during the handshake between someone and your organization. With this simple step, you will capture several useful fields like: Full Name, Designation, Department, Company, Phone Numbers, Address, Email Addresses, Website and Social Media handles.

You begin to build a powerful asset just by one step.

Contactous is currently in beta. It will be launched in May 2016. If you are interested in an evaluation version, please let us know and we will contact you at the earliest possible.


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