Salesforce: Role of a Salesforce Administrator and Avg. Payscale

Salesforce admin struggles hard against inefficiency and master productivity. Their expertise in development of wonderful tools on variety of devices – dashboards with ease of use, smart workflows and project related applications.

They are passionate about being the key member to keep team moral high all the time.

Salesforce and excellent Customer Service go parallel. It is world’s most popular CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem that enables individual profile customization, thereby enabling faster access to individual records and improving overall organizational structure of a company. It uses a database that assists in digitizing the sale records of company. The reporting functionality of Salesforce lets users extend the campaign capacity which boosts overall productivity for maximum gain.


In simple words: Salesforce is a database management tool, which gives people a easy to use, gentle and very interesting interface to manage their database . Additionally, Salesforce added more functionality which can manage complex automations of your regular business activities. It is more than just a CRM tool, it is a cloud based software, platform in the form of service.

It empowers you to respond in real time and solve customer problems instantaneously. It will help sales managers to decode future trends hence have better and strong insights about opportunities in pipeline. This will help your sales team reach precise forecast hence provide them clear picture of upcoming revenue. Salesforce stores customer purchase history, which can be accessed to improvise the prospects as it will reveal important parameters like demographics of customer, his order pattern as well as his preferences.

So, as a Salesforce Administrator, what your client expects from you?

The list below is albeit not sufficient but helpful enough to raise your professional bar as an Alpha Admin. After learning these I ensure you will be efficiently handling Sales structure of your organisation :

  1. Salesforce is much more than Sales Cloud. Becoming familiar with the platform is very helpful even if your present company don’t use any Salesforce cloud service with few basics you can get certified.
  2. Salesforce updates thrice in a year whether ensure you have sufficient time to prepare.
  3. Ability to track your work with Salesforce is a nice way to display your value in the organization.
  4. Data Loader is an excellent free mode to manage data in Salesforce try using it intelligently.
  5. Try finding an investor to view Salesforce as permanent investment.
  6. While data import pick list fields will gather all present in the mapped column even though it isn’t a real pick list value in the Salesforce.
  7. Limit the data noise with help of sharing rules hence make the Salesforce to be used easily and smoothly.
  8. Release notes for every release are regularly provided by Salesforce which will help you better understand new and exciting features as well as its impact on users.
  9. Salesforce is a safe option to secure your company’s confidential data simply by enabling data export options.
  10. Mass Email User feature assist you in shooting a quick email to every user in Salesforce eventually updating them with recent updates and announcements.
  11. Importance of role hierarchy need to be used to maximum as it is beneficial in longer run.
  12. Regular Audit of Salesforce org reduces the risk of errors as it keeps Salesforce clean and ease the navigation.

And, what influence the cost?

  • Your location. Do you reside in or near any major metro city? A tech center?
  • An experienced admin hold various certifications and several years of experience also, nothing can replace his experience and insight he gained during fruitful failures that taught him what all not do.
  • Non vs. for profit. It is quite common to witness people who are keen on putting a limitation during non-profit phase. Now prevalence of high competition as far as an efficient Salesforce professionals is concerned hence the approach won’t prove very beneficial in long terms.

An amount of $45,000- $50,000 seems to be bare minimum to hire a qualified and quality promising full time Salesforce admin provided you have to still compromise on experience apart from adjusting with his few certification or even one.

As I personally analysed a lot of recent job posting regarding Salesforce administrators that are ready to provide as high as $95,000 – $100,000.

Keep learning, Keep Growing! 🙂

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